Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Centres Project

The Centres Project is a practice-based research exhibition and publication project exploring the Urban Centre, bringing together two centres of Fine Art research, one in central London, UK and the other in central Melbourne, Australia. Situated within the complex flow of forces of an urban hub, each institution simultaneously responds and contributes to their cities’ stimuli.

Central Themes: The Centres Project is concerned with a set of overlapping themes arising from the social, geo-political and other forces and phenomena common to urban centres like London and Melbourne, both in spite and as a result of their geographical distance. Proposed themes include: Daytime Nightlight/Night-time Daylight – diurnal/nocturnal timeframes from the Northern to Southern Hemisphere and back; Urban Incursions - the mutability of the cityscape; Difference of Dialogues - intersection and sites of faith; Sick City - urbanity and health; Legal Systems and Organisational Structures (sustainability); Migration and cultural diversity - impact of cultures on the existing population; Cross Town - mobility, connectivity and environment within the urban central; Trans-central – communications, interactive simultaneous projections between the two centres.

The project aims to identify and elaborate upon intersections, unions and complementarities found within and across the urban domain, as well as exploring the complexities of the relationship between the urban centre and the global.

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